Another ANC Commissioner Steps Down

Next year the Georgetown ANC is going to look dramatically different. Jeff Jones, who has represented ANC 2E03 for six years, is not seeking reelection.

Jones has been a very active member of the Commission. He was particularly involved with the town-gown issues around Georgetown University’s last campus plan. He has also been very involved in the neighborhood’s negotiations with DC Water over the agency’s green infrastructure proposals. On top of that he has been a diligent official who does not hesitate to act on behalf of his constituents.

Luckily Jones has already identified a candidate he would like to succeed him. Rick Murphy, who lives on P St., has agreed to run. Murphy is a retired attorney who has most recently acted as a volunteer counsel for the ANC. (GM actually used to work at the same firm that Murphy retired from.) So he is already up to speed on the issues that face the commission. GM heartily endorses him.

This will be at least the third long term commission that will be stepping down this year. And, as reported by GM, another long term commission may face a challenger this fall. So there could be as many as four long term commissioners gone by next year. Only Ed Solomon would still be around to represent the old guard. (And it should be pointed out that even he hasn’t picked up his petition yet.)

Here is the note Jones circulated announcing his decision:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I want to share with all of you that I will not be seeking re-election for ANC2e Commissioner.  It has been an honor and privilege to represent 2e03 for the past six years, and I appreciate the support and cooperation of each and every one of you.  I believe there have been measureable improvements in our community over the past six years, and I can say with confidence, there are more to come!  I gave it everything I could during this time, but I want to be clear, it is because of the collective efforts of each of you that our community has grown in such a healthy way.  Thank you all!

I would also like to announce the excellent news that Rick Murphy, a long time resident of Georgetown, has agreed to run for my current seat.  This is a significant win for our community.  Rick and his wife, Karen, have been homeowners in ANC2e03 for over 13 years.  In recent years, Rick has been quietly working behind the scenes, participating in the Georgetown Community Partnership, DC Water issues, Historic and Zoning matters, and the controversy surrounding the change in flight paths to and from Reagan National Airport. Rick currently serves as counsel to ANC2e. In that connection, Rick is kept informed of issues pending before our ANC.  He will be ready to hit the ground running once he is sworn-in as Commissioner.  Rick recently retired from a large law firm where he served as Managing Partner of the firm’s Washington office. Being retired, he will have ample time to devote to the ANC.  I can personally testify Rick is deeply passionate about the Georgetown community.  He needs your support, and it would be helpful if you would contact Rick to sign his nomination petition.  If you are interested, please email Rick at

Thanks again, and all the best to each of you,

Jeff Jones


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