ANC Ballot Set

ANC Round Up: Picking Your Voters Edition

GM had earlier reported on the coming retirements of several of the current ANC commissioners, but now he can say for certain who will be on the ballot to replace them. Here are the names you’ll see in the voting booth:

  • SMD 01: The only long-time commissioner not to resign or face a competitor, Ed Solomon will continue to represent Burleith and Hillandale on the ANC
  • SMD 02: Ron Lewis is stepping down and the GM-endorsed Joe Gibbons is running unopposed.
  • SMD 03: Jeff Jones is also stepping down and there is a real race to replace him. The ANC’s pro bono counselor, Rick Murphy, is on the ballot and also received GM’s endorsement. Rick will face Greg Miller, who is running a strong campaign. Miller is a relatively recent graduate of Georgetown University who has been fairly active in community affairs (he serves with GM on the transportation working group of the Georgetown Community Partnership). With it being an open seat, it really could go either way.
  • SMD 04: The older of the student districts, this one has a single candidate running, the incumbent Mara Goldman.
  • SMD 05: Bill Starrels is of course running again for his long held seat. But this year he has competition from Lisa Palmer. Taking down an incumbent like Starrels will be tough, especially in a district with a lot of relatively inaccessible apartment buildings. So Palmer has her worked cut out for her. But the ballot box can surprise you!
  • SMD 06: Yet another long time commissioner is stepping down from this district: Tom Birch. Jim Wilcox will run unopposed for this seat. Wilcox has long been active in the Georgetown Business Association, and his views will likely be influenced by that experience. That said, GM has worked alongside Jim many times on various issues and even though GM doesn’t always agree with him, he’s found Jim to be a thoughtful advocate.
  • SMD 07: Monica Roaché is running unopposed for this seat. Monica first won this seat last election and has been a fantastic addition to the commission. GM is thrilled she’s re-upping.
  • SMD 08: This is the relatively new district on the Georgetown campus. Zachary Schroepfer is running unopposed. (Side note: Congrats to Mara and Zachary for getting on the ballot. It’s a real challenge for students to find eligible voters from their SMDs in the middle of the summer to sign their petition. They often fail, so it’s great to see them both succeed.)

And that’s that. No matter how the chips fall, we will see a dramatically different ANC next January.


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