Montrose Tennis Courts to Finally be Renovated

By GM’s estimation, Montrose Park is one of the most fabulous parks in the city. But for all its beauty, its tennis courts are in terrible shape. It’s a problem that’s only gotten worse over the years. Thus it was great news when GM heard that they are finally (hopefully) going to get renovated (eventually).

The courts at Montrose Park have a long history. The photo above is of Montrose Club tennis team in 1925, who apparently won the Suburban League that same year. Yet sadly, it seems as if the courts haven’t been cared for much more recently then that date.

Hopes were raised when during the construction of the Montrose apartments in the old Hurt Home, the developer promised to restore the courts. The construction came and went and nothing happened. Eventually the developer did donate $25,000 to the Friends of Montrose Park, but that isn’t nearly enough money to restore the courts.

Happily, ANC Commissioner Monica Roaché this week announced that the Superintendent of Rock Creek Park (which Montrose Park is part of) told her that NPS is planning on restoring the courts. The restoration is subject to budget cuts, but barring that, the work should be done by the end of 2017.

This will substantially improve the tennis options for Georgetowners. The Peters Sisters Courts at Rose Park are great, but they’re often crowded. The Volta Park courts are not as good, but are usable at least. The Montrose Park courts haven’t really been usable in years. So it will make a big difference to get them back in shape.



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2 responses to “Montrose Tennis Courts to Finally be Renovated

  1. Definitely crossing my fingers. Really hope this finally comes to fruition.

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