Montrose Tennis Court Restoration to Move Forward (Eventually)

Montrose Tennis

GM received word that the National Park Service has approved plans to restore the tennis courts in Montrose Park. Specifically:

The park will be moving ahead this spring with development of the plans for the reconstruction of the tennis courts at Montrose Park.  The expected time for actual construction is spring of 2018.  I will have more information once a contract for the design work has been awarded.  Only the initial scoping of work has been completed at this time.

The promise to restore the courts has been in the ether since at least the time that the developer of the Montrose promised to do so. The construction of the Montrose came and went without any sign of the tennis courts getting repaired. But apparently the developer did make a donation and that was the seed money to the fund-raising effort that financed the eventual project.

You may be forgiven if you’re suffering from a sense of deja vu. That’s because GM has basically reported this exact news at least once before. Last September GM was saying that the work would be done by the end of 2017. But it being the National Parks Service that is driving the project, it’s no surprise that the time-table slipped. And it will likely slip again. But getting through delays is just a part of projects like this, and every delay paradoxically brings us closer to the project being actually done.


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