Paris Copying Georgetown

Can you believe it? Get this: the mighty city of Paris is totally copying Georgetown. Check it. They’re going to build a gondola system. What a bunch of copiers.

Ok, fine. They’re not copying Georgetown. If they’re copying anyone, it’s London. Ot better yet, Medellín. Any City Lab thinks they’re avoiding the mistakes that London made with their almost never used system.

Read the article, but here are the main points, points that Georgetown ought to keep in mind when considering a system here:

  • Don’t be just a tourist attraction
  • Don’t replace existing transit
  • Address a real problem

Georgetown doesn’t exactly knock it out of the park on all these standards. It would be a tourist attraction, if not simply because Georgetown itself is a tourist attraction.

And it would replace existing transit, in this case several different bus lines.

But under the last standard, a Georgetown gondola could be successful. There is a real problem taking transit between Georgetown and Rosslyn, especially at rush hour. It can take an awfully long time to get from the heart of Rosslyn to Georgetown. Or vice-versa.

Paris is considering a far more ambitious system than Georgetown. So perhaps it’s not fair to compare the proposals too much. But it’s nice to know we’re in good company.


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One response to “Paris Copying Georgetown

  1. Totally NOT in keeping with Georgetown’s historic character. Then again, neither is the APPLE store on Wisconsin Ave.

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