Now and a Long Time Ago: Flea Market


This week on Now and a Long Time Ago, GM is traveling up to the northern edge of Georgetown for the long-running flea market.

The photo is care of Old Time DC (which apparently got it from the Burleith Citizens Association). The post says it’s from 1997, but it sure looks older than that to GM. It could be as old at 1972, the year the flea market was started.

Anyone have a guess based upon the cars?



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2 responses to “Now and a Long Time Ago: Flea Market

  1. Neale, Thomas

    Check the buildings in the background for a temporal frame of reference. There’s a bank to the right of the Page Building, now the British school. It replaced a Dart Drugstore in the early 80s. The Safeway is the second of the three Safeway stores built on that site, set back from Wisconsin Avenue. It replaced the original colonial-style Safeway, which fronted the sidewalk, in the mid to late 1980s. The photo could have been taken as late as 1997.

    Publius Washingtoniensis

  2. kerlin4321

    Loved Dart Drug and miss the old Social Safeway: so much more human scale and accessible than the looming, ponderous, street-front behemoth that replaced it.

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