Mayor Says Meyer Decision Final

ANC Preview: Hyde Gym Edition

Speaking to a group in Glover Park Wednesday night, Mayor Bowser stated that the decision to bus Hyde-Addison students as young as two years old over an hour a day for two years while the school is renovated is final.

The Mayor was speaking before the Glover Park Citizens Association. GM was not in attendance, but learned from an attendee what was discussed.

She apparently told the group that the only thing that would overturn the decision now would be legislation from the counsel. And she scoffed that Jack Evans doesn’t have the votes to do so. Your mayor ladies and gentlemen! The discussion was in the context of the Fillmore Arts Program, which Stoddert Elementary parents are trying to save. Ultimately the mayor seems hell bent on disappointing all camps. She wants to end the Fillmore Arts program, but then leave the space vacant instead of letting Hyde-Addison use it.

Of course in the background of all of this, Duke Ellington School’s construction will probably top $250 million and result in a school only used at 50% capacity.

Your mayor ladies and gentlemen!

Nothing is truly final until the buses show up next August to take two year olds off to sit in traffic. Come out on November 29th at the Citizens Association of Georgetown meeting to let the mayor know that this disrespect is unacceptable!

This whole affair is absolutely farcical. There’s is zero chance that the construction on Duke Ellington School will be done in time to enable the Duke Ellington students to vacate Meyer. So DCPS will be back again next spring delaying the project, and yet still insisting on Meyer. Rinse, Repeat, and vomit.



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  1. Funny, I was at GU hospital just this morning and parked adjacent to DESA field. I could not help but admire the most lovely dog park that DCPS is providing to Burleith residents. Sure would make a great location for some temporary trailers seeing as it is DCPS property and all.

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