Another Liquor License Addition

1600 block of Wisconsin Ave.

On Monday, GM speculated about the possibility that the end of the liquor license moratorium was having its intended effect, namely to encourage more high quality restaurants to open in Georgetown. GM has learned that on top of America Eats Tavern and Reverie, the long, long awaited Boulangerie Christophe is also applying for a liquor license.

GM first reported on the coming of the restaurant way back in September of 2015. Work was non-existent on the project for a long time, but eventually signs went up verifying the original tip. Then nothing for a while. Then this summer genuine construction began, and it appears to be getting close to being finished.

GM was under the impression that it was going to be simply a bakery, albeit of the “high-end” sort. The liquor license application, though, suggests more of a restaurant arrangement:

NATURE OF OPERATION New C Restaurant with a Total Occupancy Load of 104 seats inside and a Summer Garden with 58 seats.

HOURS OF OPERATION FOR PREMISES AND SUMMER GARDEN Sunday through Saturday 7:30 am – 9:00 pm


(That outdoor space backs up to Hyde-Addison, which actually makes it more likely that they’ll actually get to use it.)

The closing time of 9:00 makes it sound like it’s not aiming to have a full dinner service, but we’ll see.

Again, can we attribute this restaurant’s opening to the end of the liquor license moratorium? Almost certainly not because they were planning on moving in well before it was even likely that the moratorium would end. But maybe once the moratorium ended they decided it would be nice to serve wine with the pastries? Either way, it sounds like they’ll be a nice addition to the neighborhood.

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