Axe Blade Falls


GM knew it was coming, but it was nonetheless sad to see that the beautiful catalpa tree at lock three of the C & O Canal was cut down. It’s necessary to rebuild the whole lock. But it’s loss will mean another welcome pool of shade is gone, and this stretch of the tow-path will be significantly less welcoming for many years. It will be another generation before we can see this scene again:

But saving the lock itself is more important, and sometimes tough choices pit beautiful trees against precious historic infrastructure. The good thing is that ultimately trees are replaceable. It just takes time.



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3 responses to “Axe Blade Falls

  1. I don’t understand how this tree would have interfered with renovations to the canal.

  2. kerlin4321

    Ditto to Jerry’s post. There are more difficult access issues at this site than just the tree. Such a sad and probably unnecessary loss.

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