Now and a Long Time Ago: May Day Protests

This week for now and a long time ago, GM visits the intersection of N and Wisconsin on May 3, 1971. This was a day of wide-spread anti-war protests around Washington. (A wonderful collection of photos from the protest, from which this photo was drawn, is here).

The photo shows protesters blocking traffic, which strikes GM as a pretty level-headed response by young people who were being sent halfway around the world to die in a jungle for a pointless war. We’ve learned so much since then! Now our pointless wars are mostly in the desert.

The protests, of course, failed to end the war immediately or prevent Nixon’s reelection. But they did most likely help, in some small way, to turn the tide of public opinion, which did really lead to America’s exit from the Vietnamese quagmire.

The building in the center, which is now a Papyrus stationary store, was occupied by Interstate Building Association, a savings and loan bank. The car is a 1965 Ford Thunderbird.


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