As reported by NBC DC, Friday night, a man arrived at an area hospital suffering from a gunshot wound. The location of his injury was traced back to the 1400 block Wisconsin Ave. in Georgetown, which lead to a street closure during the investigation.

On Sunday, some more information came to light about this genius. According to MPD:

Regarding the shooting, the victim was somewhat uncooperative at the hospital while being interviewed.  The arrested subject, who confessed to discharging the gun, reported to MPD that it was accidental when he opened his gun case and the gun went off.  The suspect said he fled the scene on foot and left the gun in the car because he feared for his safety.  He said when he returned to the scene the car in which contained  the gun was gone.  There are discrepancies with his version of events also.  The detectives are still trying to sort through the matter.

But with the suspect’ s admission, he was charged with two offenses related to the shooting.  We are investigating further to locate the firearm. If any Georgetown residents witnessed or has information to this event, please call MPD on (202) 727-9099.

Sounds like he accidentally shot himself and whoever was with him got the hell out of there afterwards. Why someone was in a car with a gun is, of course, troubling. But thankfully he was too incompetent to hurt anyone else.

Please reach out to MPD if you have any additional information.


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