Now and a Painting: M St.

This week for Now and a Long Time Ago, GM was pointed to the artwork of Joey Manlapaz. He paints a variety of subject, but one of his specialties is storefronts. And several pieces in his collection include old Georgetown storefronts. The one chosen above depicts 3065 and 3067 M St.

The era that is depicted would be between the late 80s and the mid 90s. The two establishments shown are Potomac Wine and Spirits and the Georgetown Seafood Grill.

The Georgetown Seafood Grill was opened in 1987 in the space that previously housed Chez Odette. It remained open for about ten years before the property was purchased by Eastbanc and redeveloped.

Potomac Wine and Spirits has been opened since 1969. GM is not certain when they made the last move, but it appears to have been in the late 90s as well (Eastbanc bought this building as well).

GM has covered this section of M St. once before for his defunct “Not So Long Ago” series. Here is a photo of the east edge of the Georgetown Seafood Grill and its neighbor Rosey Cross in 1993:



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2 responses to “Now and a Painting: M St.

  1. Georgetown Seafood Grill was a great brunch place

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