The Kids of Georgetown, Revisited

The Georgetowner newspaper published an interesting article this week on the rise of young families in Georgetown. One facet the article touches on, but doesn’t really dive into, is the question of just how many kids there are, and how has it changed recently.

The Census Bureau can put some more meat on the bones. GM looked at the population numbers for Georgetown for 2000, 2010 and 2015. (In this case, Georgetown is Census Tracts 1.00 and 2.02, which is Georgetown minus the Georgetown University campus).

And the data definitely supports the story of a “baby boom” in Georgetown:

  • 2000
    • Kids under 5: 305
    • Kids 14 and under: 615
  • 2010
    • Kids under 5: 400
    • Kids 14 and under: 838
  • 2015*
    • Kids under 5: 541
    • Kids 14 and under: 1029

(*GM should note that the 2015 numbers are from the American Community Survey, which uses sampling and represents an average estimate across five years from 2000-2015)

These numbers suggest a huge increase in the numbers of kids in Georgetown. And it’s something GM has seen coming for a while. The article ties the boom to growth at Hyde-Addison, which is probably true, but the impact of the unpopular multiyear swing on the neighborhood attendance is still unknown. It is likely that, at the very least, once the addition is complete, there will be a huge population of local kids who will around and happy to fill it up.


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