Water Your Street Trees!

Photo by Jon Hayes Photography.

GM has already given you his annual harangue about watering your street trees back in May. But then it rained a lot. And you may have gotten complacent about trees on your block. But the rain has let up and it’s going to be hot this week so IT’S GO TIME.

If you’ve got a newish tree on your block water it today. If you’re at home or when you get home, go out and put a hose at the base of the tree and turn it on to a dribble of water, then leave it there for at least 30 minutes, up to an hour. If you don’t have a hose on the front of your house or apartment, find a neighbor who does and ask them if it’s ok to borrow their hose.

And then do this every week all summer long.

The city and Trees for Georgetown spends a ton of money every year to plant new trees, but it’s all wasted if the residents next to these trees don’t keep them alive. Eventually you’ll be the primary beneficiary of a beautifully dappled block, but you’ve got to play your part first.

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