Appalachian Spring to Close Next Week

As GM reported back in March, the longtime craft retailer, Appalachian Spring, would close at the end of its lease. At the time there was some question as to when exactly the store would vacate. But now the store is announcing that it will open for the last time June 24th.

This is a sad loss for the neighborhood. Appalachian Spring has been here for almost fifty years. There are only a handful of stores or restaurants with a longer tenure. And given the nature of their departure (a dramatic hike in rent) it seems unlikely we’ll see the space occupied by any retailer half as interesting as Appalachian Spring.

So make sure to stop by before the end of June 25th to pick up one last gift and say goodbye.


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2 responses to “Appalachian Spring to Close Next Week

  1. June 24th will be a sad day for Georgetown and Georgetowners. The greed of landlords in Georgetown has ruined the commercial sector.

  2. Victoria Briscoe

    I come to D.C. at lkeast annually, and Appalachian Spring was a regular stop. Great staff, wonderful unique handmade items. The l last time I was there an employee shared the upcoming closing and the ridiculous rents being imposed. Pure greed. Georgetown lost Barnaby’s books some, what, 7 years ago now, and NOTHING has replaced it yet. It appears Georgetown cannot control it’s own commerce rules and is willing to put the same old big chains in the old quaint buildings merely to allow what amounts to carpetbaggers to buy real estate with no requirements imposed with timelines to make something happen or relinquishment. Keep it up and no one will care to come anymore and you’ll be left with long empty buildings wasting away due to non-use. Your leadershipshpuld be called to task.

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