Some ANC Updates

The ANC would typically be taking the summer off, but they announced a special meeting for August 9th at 5:00 pm. The commission hasn’t released an agenda for the meeting, but GM believes the purpose of the meeting is for the body to vote on one or more projects that need input before the next scheduled meeting in September.

Separately, the ANC has formed a new ad hoc committee to address concerns over the Hyde-Addison construction. They wrote:

On July 20th ANC Commissioner Rick Murphy convened a working group to proactively deal with the Hyde-Addison School Construction Project. ANC Commissioner Murphy included Community leaders; Hazel Denton, Leslie Maysak and Constance Chatfield-Taylor. ANC Commissioner Murphy brought in DCPS/DGS representatives and the MCN General Contractor. This robust meeting achieved substantive and concrete results which will allow for an efficient and commonsense approach to the construction process. This ongoing working group is committed to providing the public with transparency, real time answers and accountability.

The ANC clearly doesn’t know how to take a summer break.


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  1. The Watsons

    Kudos to Rick Murphy!! >

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