Driver Causes Chaos on Q St. Sidewalk

GM walked back from dinner last night and passed this scene. It’s a car up on the sidewalk on the 3200 block of Q St.

From a secondhand report, GM heard that what occurred was that the driver of the silver car was rear-ended and then went to slam on the brakes, but hit the gas instead. Her destruction went halfway down the block. A young tree was totally knocked over. And two historic metal stoops were completely mangled.

It did not appear that anyone was seriously injured. This would be extremely lucky. Several young children live on this block, and many more traverse it regularly. As a parent you always worry about a child crossing the street. It’s petrifying to think they could be run over just standing on the sidewalk.

Pay attention to what you’re doing drivers.

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One response to “Driver Causes Chaos on Q St. Sidewalk

  1. Yuppers! That’s it!

    How is everyone feeling in your house?


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