Former Cheap Suit Stores Basically Demolished

Some serious work is being done to two of the buildings that previously long housed cheap suit stores. 1357 and 1359 Wisconsin Ave. (the two storefronts north of Tugoo Toys) have been getting worked on for months. And while the facades remain, there’s basically nothing left behind them.

If you peak through the paper blocking the windows, you’ll see the scene above. Some of the structure remains, but not much.

This is actually a great sign. These buildings had been allowed to decay over the decades. Now that serious money is going into the effort to restore the buildings, they will hopefully be more attractive to more upscale shops than places that will sell you two suits for $75.

Of course, that was the plan for the Georgetown theater, and yet Robert Bell struggled to find a tenant to take the space. Last GM heard it was a Foot Locker spinoff, which is not exactly what most people had hoped for. Oh well, we’ll see.


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