Shoe Store Really is Coming to Theater Space

GM heard back in July that the incoming tenant for the old Georgetown theater was a Foot Locker spinoff. He didn’t report on it because he hoped it wasn’t true. But it looks like it was true. Signs are up in the window of the theater showing the proposed signage for the new store: a Footaction.

Footaction is, as mentioned above, a spinoff brand of Foot Locker. It is more about athletic style than genuine athletics. It sells fashion oriented sneakers and sports apparel. It is primarily a store you’d likely find in a mid-level mall in the suburbs, snug beside a Boost Mobile and an Orange Julius stand.

As GM has mentioned, athletic fashion is doing well in Georgetown. But it can’t help but feel like a disappointment that this store is taking over such an iconic property like this. This huge space could have hosted a great restaurant. Or perhaps a grocer or food market.

This is probably not what Robert Bell had in mind when he bought and restored this property. Really the best that can be said about this is what the letter from Bell posted in the window says: that the visual impact of the new store will be limited.

The properties to the north of the theater building are also being dramatically renovated, presumably to attract higher paying, high-end tenants. The difficulty Bell had in finding one–and the fact he ended up with a store straight out of a strip mall–probably means the owners of those other buildings won’t be facing a seller’s market either.


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  1. There is a nice athletic shoe store directly across Wisconsin Avenue–Prince and Princess. I bought some New Balance shoes there this week, and they had a good selection. I must admit I had not been in the shop before, as their window display was not too appealing, but I was pleasantly surprised.

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