Cycling Fashion Store Coming to M St.

According to a reliable tip, a new bicycling clothing store is coming to 3025 M St. (which formerly held the American Apparel store). The store, Rapha, specializes in clothing and accessories for road bicyclists (i.e. bibs, biker shorts, cold and wet weather gear, etc.)

The London-based company has only a handful of American stores so far. So DC is somewhat lucky to be added, although the bicycling scene here certainly justifies it.

The stores, dubbed “clubhouses”, apparently try to host post-ride events. This would make 3025 M St. not exactly the best location, given the fact that there’s not even adequate bike parking outside. But Georgetown is certainly a magnet for road bicyclists, who gather at various spots around the neighborhood, especially on weekends. So the customer base will likely be there.

GM has no idea how long it will take to open. The tipster indicated merely that permits were being sought. So we’ll see…


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