Know Your Trees: Linden Trees

This week for Know Your Trees, GM is examining a somewhat rare tree for Georgetown: the linden tree.

Linden trees are medium to large hardwood trees, which do well in open fields with plenty of space to spread out. They can survive in city environments, but they typically won’t grow quite as large.

There are two features of a linden tree that can help you identify them: the leaf and the flower.

The leaf is a simple large spade shape like this:

In the spring the tree is covered in small yellowish white flowers with a very distinct, earthy sweet smell. The flowers look like this:

There is a grouping of linden trees on Prospect between 33rd and 34th:

Finally, there used to be a beautiful and quite large linden tree along the canal just west of 30th St. But sadly it had to be cut down for the work on the canal lock:


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