Georgetown Time Machine: M and Wisconsin by Air

Today for Georgetown Time Machine, GM is visiting the center of Georgetown: Wisconsin and M St.

The shot is an aerial shot of the intersection and the nearby blocks. It is probably from the late 1950s or early 1960s. It can’t be later than 1963, as GM will explain below.

Here are some interesting details:

You can see the 3100 block of M St. fairly well. You can make out the large Woolworth’s on the right (which now is Urban Outfitters). On the left side you can see Kosto, which was a craft store, and Scott’s Shoes. The stretch looked quite different from how it appeared a few decades earlier:

By the date of today’s photo, a lot of those awnings were gone.

Also, by today’s photo, the building seen above on the left side next to the old Riggs Bank was demolished to make parking easier:

That gap is still there.

Further up you can see the old Masonic Hall, where the Ambercrombie and Fitch now is:

The reason GM knows this photo isn’t from after 1963 is that this building burned that July. That’s why the architecture of this building looks so different today.

Up a little further you can see the old dairy that once stood between N St. and Prospect:

Where there is now the CVS at O and Wisconsin (and a People’s Drug before that) was still a parking lot at this point:

This was the location of the famous Connecticut-Copperthite pie company factory. GM’s not sure when the factory stopped making pies at this location, but the building’s still stood there in the early 1950s.

Other than that, a lot is still basically the same. Physically speaking, of course. There are no more 5 and dimes on M St. (but plenty of shoe stores!)


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3 responses to “Georgetown Time Machine: M and Wisconsin by Air

  1. Curious if Woolworths built its art deco style facade.

  2. kerlin4321

    I would love to see awnings make a big comeback. It would reduce the suffering of walking down those streets in the summer.

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