The Georgetown Metropolitan Turns Nine

Welp, look at that. Nine years ago this very day, the Georgetown Metropolitan began its new life (after having been a newspaper in the 1820s and 30s).

Lots has happened to Georgetown and GM over that time period that it’s hard to really take it all in. In many ways, Georgetown is lesser than it was in 2007. We’ve lost so many great stores and restaurants. Just think what was still around back then: Nathans, Furins, a freaking full-service professional photo lab, a bunch of college bars (well ok, they’re not all losses), and countless small but priceless stores like Appalachian Spring or Antiques of Georgetown.

But we’ve also gained a lot since then. We finally got rid of the liquor license moratorium and added a handful of genuinely great restaurants like Fiola Mare or Chez Billy Sud. We’ve may have lost a great little grocery store in Griffin Market, but gained a top notch butcher in Stachowski’s. We have about a million more coffee shops than we used to have. Grace Street has turned into a little hot bed of exciting shops and restaurants (somewhat to the chagrin of the nearby residents).

These are just some of the changes that immediately jump to mind. Surely if and when GM hits ten years, he’ll take a more deliberate approach to remembering. But for now, GM wants to sincerely say thank you for reading over these years. And thank you for bearing with him as he misses a few more days here and there as parental or professional duties eat away at what little free time he has for the site. GM honestly never thought he would keep doing this for so long, especially as all the other neighborhood blogs fell by the wayside. But whatever memo went out saying to quit never got to GM, so he keeps at it…


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4 responses to “The Georgetown Metropolitan Turns Nine

  1. MGT

    Congrats on nine years!

  2. Congratulations….I always look forward to reading the blog and am almost never disappointed

  3. Thanks, Topher, for doing what you do.

  4. jad6504

    Please keep doing what you do!

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