Dolcezza Closes for Renovations, Again

Photo by Jennifer.

The original Dolcezza location has closed for renovations. This is according to the sign on the front door:

As the sign indicates, the location should be reopened in March. That the store is remodeling came as a bit of a surprise to GM since the store underwent a pretty extensive remodel just a few years ago.

And that remodel was itself a bit of a surprise since as of late 2013 the plan appeared to be to close this location. The idea was to move within Georgetown closer to the busy foot traffic of M St. As someone who lives approximately 50 steps from Dolcezza, GM was distraught over the possibility of the move. But then the renovations happened. And now they’re happening again. So it seems likely they’ll be sticking around Q and Wisconsin for a while.

As mentioned above, this is the original location of the ever expanding chain. It was opened in 2004. And until a few years ago they were even still making all the gelato in the basement. Now it’s all made at the impressive factory they built near Union Market. The Georgetown location sticks out from the other Dolcezza locations for more reasons than the fact it’s the original. It’s also the drabbest looking location. Each of the other spots the restaurant opened are extremely slick and attractive. While they have made the interior of the Georgetown store a bit chic, the exterior is fairly ugly.

There’s not much they can do to spruce up the outside of the space. So the changes are all likely to be to the interior. And as the note on the door stated, it appears that the changes are part of an effort to expand the restaurant’s menu from gelato and a few pastries. Perhaps we can read a bit into the fact that the new location the restaurant is opening in the wharf is offering breakfast sandwiches. Will something like this be offered in Georgetown? We’ll see…



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2 responses to “Dolcezza Closes for Renovations, Again

  1. Thank God it’s just a temporary close, and it’ll (hopefully) be back before the weather turns warm!

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