Things Not Looking Great for Dolcezza

In January, GM reported that the Georgetown (and original) location of Dolcezza was closed for renovations. The sign on the door announced they’d be reopened by March. For several reasons, it doesn’t look like they’ll meet that promise.

GM was a bit surprised that they were closed for renovations in the first place. Back in 2013, GM learned that the long term plan for the Georgetown location was to move to a spot closer to M St. The building was temporarily for sale at the time. Ultimately they decided to stay at this address for now, and even did some renovations. The fact that the long term plan was to move on top of the fact they so recently did some renovations was a bit odd, but maybe they changed their long term plans?

Either way, not a single thing has been done to the space since it closed. There’s no permit posted, nor is there one in the city’s permitting database. And nothing has been moved inside the store. Hell, there’s still food on the counter. If you walk by, it looks like it just closed. But it’s been months now.

The kicker is that now there’s a new for sale banner on the building. It was a banner like it (different broker) back in 2013 that caused GM to start asking questions. Speaking of questions, unfortunately nobody has gotten back to GM to discuss the store’s plan.

So for now it’s just speculation. But it seems like a pretty safe speculation right now that Dolcezza isn’t going to reopen at this location. This would be a huge bummer to GM, who lives about 100 feet from the store. But possibly it would mean opening further south. There are several attractive vacant spaces on Wisconsin Ave. which could fit with Dolcezza’s style. (Other than the Georgetown location, all Dolcezza’s locations are rather swanky).


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