M Street Dining Takes Another Body Blow

Photo by David.

As mentioned in the morning link post, Old Glory has closed suddenly. This is real loss for the community and it continues a very alarming trend for Georgetown: restaurants just can’t keep open on M St.

GM has documented this trend for a while. As early as 2014 (and really before) there has been a steady decline in restaurants on M St. Just last month GM was noting that with the closure of Unum, Pier 2934, and Maxime, restaurants along M St. were down to 23. With Old Glory that brings it down to 22. When GM started counting back in 2008 the number was 45.

But Old Glory is more than just one restaurant. It has been open for 26 years. And it’s a huge presence right near the corner of Wisconsin and M. GM doubts there is any chance a restaurant will take its place.

Surely some will complain that the BBQ wasn’t that great or that authentic. As a Connecticut-native, GM doesn’t have the expertise to weigh in on that question. But it was a comfortable place, with tasty food, and friendly faces. That is a dying breed on M St.

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  1. Jose Andres’ American Eats Tavern is opening there this summer.

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