Annual Rites of Spring Right Around the Corner

With freezing temperatures still in the forecast, it’s hard to believe spring is right around the corner, but it is. And with spring in Georgetown comes a series of annual and beloved events. Here are GM’s favorites:

The Georgetown House Tour

First of the two grand dame tours, the Georgetown house tour will be held this year on April 28th. It is held every year to benefit St. John’s Episcopal church. As the title states, this tour gives you a chance to walk through 8-10 of Georgetown’s nicest homes. The patrons party is always the place to hobnob with the nobbiest hobs.

The Georgetown Garden Tour

Of the two tours, the Garden Tour is probably GM’s favorite. Like the house tour, you get a chance to look behind the gates of 8 or so homes, but GM just thinks there’s something more interesting about gardens than interiors. This tour–the event’s 90th edition–will be held on May 12th, and is run by the Georgetown Garden Club.

Tudor Place

Tudor Place holds several great events during the spring. For instance, this year they are holding eleventh annual Eggstravaganza on March 24th, 30th and 31st. (Sadly the 31st is already sold out, though) Check out their calender for other great events.


Dumbarton Oaks:

Dumbarton Oaks Gardens are beautiful all year round, but they are particularly beautiful in the spring. And the high point is their collection of cherry trees. They are more impressive than anything you’ll find down by the tidal basin and there is nothing quite like sitting on that hill after the blossom peak and watching the pedals fall like snow. The gardens reopen after their nearly year long renovations this weekend.

Feel free to add your own annual rites in the comments…

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