M St. Dining Reviving?

GM has written a bunch about the decline of M St. dining. And the numbers tell a stark tale of a precipitous fall in the number of restaurants open on or just off M St. But the patient may be showing some signs of life, with several restaurants recently opening (or announcing an opening) on or immediately near to M St.

As for the openings already open, there are several. The first is the mini-food court at Potomac and M St., which contains a District Pizza, a Subway, and an Acaiberry. This opened up in the space vacated several years ago by Capitol Prague. While it the offerings are hardly going to win a Michelin star, the need for cheap eats is as important as the need for fancy eats. So that’s a nice addition. The other opening is far more recent: Church Hall. This one is barely a restaurant, as it is much more of a beer hall. But it does serve food, so there’s that.As for future openings there are several. First is a Burmese fast-casual salad restaurant called Bandoola Bowl that will be opened by the same people behind Silver Spring’s Mandalay restaurant. It will be going into 1069 Wisconsin Ave. (where the Spice and Tea place used to be). Just two doors up where Chopsticks was at 1073, a new Japanese noodle shop called Reren will open. It is the second location for this restaurant (the other location is in Chinatown).

Finally, there’s a new awning on the former Pier 2934 announcing that a new Italian restaurant will open there called Agnolo Ristorante Italiano. (That’s close to the heart of Georgetown’s Little Italy).

Will all these openings be the beginning of a true return of M St. dining or is it just a dead cat bounce? Time will tell.


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