Chaia Joins a Line of Georgetown Bred Restaurants that Expand

The Washington City Paper reported that Chaia, the vegetarian taco restaurant on Grace St., would be opening a second location this fall.

As Laura Hays wrote:

At long last, the creators of Chaia are branching out. Founders Suzanne Simon and Bettina Stern will open a second location of their popular vegetarian taco restaurant in Mount Vernon Triangle later this year at 615 I Street NW.

Is this the first step towards a wider expansion? If so, it would follow a grand tradition of restaurants (and other businesses) that got their start in Georgetown.

Restaurants that have done so include Clyde’s, Dolcezza, Sweet Green, and Georgetown Cupcake. You could also put Baked and Wired on that list too, since they now have a second location. Britches of Georgetown was a non-restaurant that by the early 1990s dotted the east coast with locations after having started at Wisconsin and Prospect.

It interesting, however, so many large chains that originate in Georgetown, or even DC as a whole, don’t seem to project any sort of intrinsic “DC” character. Five Guys started in suburban DC, but you wouldn’t know it walking into any of the hundreds of locations. Heck, Toys R Us was started in a kid’s furniture shop in Adams Morgan. Have you ever associated Toys R Us with DC? You know Macy’s is from New York. You know Morton’s is from Chicago. In N Out Burger screams California. But not DC bred institutions. Why is that?

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