Seven Georgetowns: Central Georgetown

GM now comes to the final entry in his Seven Georgetown series: Central Georgetown. And in a way this is the opposite of what the other six Georgetowns stand for. The whole point of this series was to explore how the peripheral corners of Georgetown could stand on their own as micro neighborhoods, and that their residents could find a great deal of reasons to not leave their particular corner of Georgetown. Central Georgetown was mostly what GM had in mind when he was thinking about “the rest of Georgetown” that the residents of the other six could avoid.

But that’s not entirely fair to Central Georgetown. It is more than just the crowded sidewalks full of chain shops of M St. and Wisconsin Ave. While parts of the area can feel a bit inundated with shoppers and tourists on the weekend, plenty of its blocks are mostly quiet.

And parts of Wisconsin Ave. through Central Georgetown have resident-focused shops and restaurants. Think of the invaluable duo of Christ’s Child Opportunity Shop and Thomas Sweet’s. Boulangerie Christophe is another fantastic shop on this stretch that has quickly become a local favorite. The small shops on O and P St., off Wisconsin, are also quintessentially Georgetown. And if you’re super rich and have a taste for dramatic antiques, what better source than L’Enfant Gallerie at P and Wisconsin? (GM once saw a pair of mirrors in there he liked, and looked at the price tag. At first he was surprised how cheap they were at $125, and then he noticed the extra three zeros.)

And Central Georgetown can boast the most convenient access to two of the most important civic institutions in Georgetown: the post office and Hyde-Addison School (this, of course, is a touchy subject amongst Georgetown parents these days, given the two-year relocation of the school. But once the expansion is complete, it will be a crown jewel of Georgetown).

Speaking of schools, this area boasts no fewer than three fantastic nursery schools in Children’s House of Washington, St. John’s, and the French Maternal School. (There’s also a popular dance school on Prospect, Centre De Danse).

Ultimately, when people think of “Georgetown” they are first going to think of Central Georgetown. But nonetheless, there’s plenty of reasons a Central Georgetown resident can spend a day without leaving it, and without living too much like a tourist.

And so, that’s it. Seven Georgetowns. What do you think?


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2 responses to “Seven Georgetowns: Central Georgetown

  1. jad6504

    This was a really nice series – an inventive theme for exploring different parts of our neighborhood. Trees, architectural styles, sub-neighborhoods – all have been worthwhile reading.

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