Riding the Rails on K St.

GM wrote about how freight trains use to run down K and Water Streets yesterday and called for readers to submit what it was like patronizing bars like Chadwick’s at the time. And he received this fantastic story from Michael Judge:

Yes, I do indeed have memories of the old railway that ran through lower Georgetown.  Back in the mid-80’s, my friend Jack Gwaltney and I were aspiring actors working at Houston’s restaurant.  We would head down to Chadwicks after our shift to catch last call and commiserate about whether we would ever make it in show business.  One night, Jack looked out the bar’s front window and commanded me to “Make a wish!”  He then ran outside.  I followed him and saw the big locomotive chugging by.  Up we jumped onto a freight car like a couple of Woody Guthrie hobos.  We rode it until just beyond the Whitehurst overpass, jumped off, and raced back to Chadwick’s to pay our bar tab.

Jack went on to become a wonderful actor—he played John Marshall in the HBO series “John Adams.”—and I won the Helen Hayes award for best actor in 1987.  The good old days.

Anyone else ride the rails down K St.?

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