The Canadians are Coming!

Photo by Richard Erikkson.

The Canadians are Coming! They’re coming bearing sensible winter clothes and plenty of flannel. Specifically the Canadian clothing brand, Roots, is opening a store on M St.

A reader pointed GM to the following announcement:

Roots is bringing its premium lifestyle brand (consisting of apparel, leather goods, footwear and accessories) to Washington D.C. by opening a 3,550 square foot store on M Street , the pinnacle of high street retail located in the Georgetownneighbourhood. The store will be one of the Company’s award-winning “Enhanced Experience” formats, where shoppers will be able to engage with the distinct character and heritage of the Roots brand, while interacting with product in a visually stimulating and socially connected environment. Going well beyond featuring the Company’s world-famous sweats, shoppers will be able to customize a selection of handcrafted leather bags and awards jackets, as well as enjoy a heritage wall, customer lounge and other design features that will add to the in-store shopping experience.

Roots is probably most familiar to Americans as the maker of those Canadian paperboy hats:

But they also make, uhh, sweatshirts, and, hmmm, sweatshirts that look like Bajas?

Anyway, it’s not clear where they will be opening on M St. One possibility is the new building going where the Latham Hotel was. Also, the Cusp store is set to be vacant soon, so that’s another option.

Anyway, welcome from the frozen north, our Canadian friends! Just know that we spell color without the u, what you call bacon we just call ham, and we have way, way more guns than you. Way, way more. It’s a problem, we’re working on it.


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