Huge Art Installation at Rose Park

Photo by Marnie Kenney.

A large scale art installation is currently gracing Rose Park. Now that it is finally no longer raining, it is a good time to go check it out. It will be there through the end of May.

The artwork is called “Orange Step” and is by Kiril Jeliazkov, a Washington based artist. It consists of 128 huge 22 feet tall canvases suspended on a series of frames. The way it meanders through the park is somewhat reminiscent of the famous Gates installation by Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

Here is what the Georgetowner had to say about this work:

Jeliazkov introduced “The Orange Step,” his first large-scale project, in 2006. “The project represents a composition of 128 large-scale canvases, each of them is 22 feet high by 11 feet wide,” writes the 40-year-old artist. “The project is created with the idea that the Art is for everyone and therefore its gallery is Mother Nature.”

Come check it out!


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