Cookie Dough Shop Coming to Wisconsin Ave.

Signage has gone up at 1332 Wisconsin Ave. announcing the imminent arrive of the Dough Jar, a shop dedicated to selling you the forbidden fruit of raw (but safe) cookie dough.

Everyone who made cookies as a kid knows the bliss of snacking on a bit (or more) of the cookie dough before it went into the oven. Sure, it technically had raw eggs in it, what of it?

The Dough Jar is a DC product, having been developed at the Union Kitchen, a commercial kitchen open to foody entrepreneurs. It offers a variety of jars of cookie dough of varying flavors, like chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and others. Presumably they don’t have raw eggs. 

The company has been selling their jars at Rise Bakery in Adams Morgan for a while. And they had a pop-up in Shaw before that. So this is their first dedicated shop.

This spot seems to have a sweet tooth. Before this, there was Beard Papas, which sold cream puffs. And before that was a frozen yogurt shop that operated under a couple different names before it finally closed. It’s not an ice cream shop, which this stretch could actually use now that Dolcezza is gone, but it will still probably be pretty unhealthy for you. So that’s good.

It also will be right around the corner from Insomnia Cookie. So we’ll finally get an answer whether people like their cookies baked or not.

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  1. kerlin4321

    This kind of store probably has a shelf life not much longer than the dough they sell.

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