Reminder: Don’t Drive Anywhere Near Georgetown Today or Tomorrow

Today and tomorrow they are filming the Commander Salamander scenes for Wonder Woman 2. And as part of it they are closing of parts of Wisconsin Ave. Today, from 9:30 to to 3:30 pm they’re closing Wisconsin from K St. to M St. And tomorrow, during the same time they’re are closing Wisconsin Ave. all the way from K St. to Volta Place.

It’s not clear whether they’ll try to restrict pedestrian or bike traffic as well. Production Assistants will surely claim tell people that they aren’t allowed to walk through, but they’re normally lying about it. There’s really nothing they can do to actually prevent you from walking down a public sidewalk. (If they’re are cops around, however, listen to them).

Either way, this will be an immense travel headache for anyone in a vehicle with more than two wheels, including cars and buses. So please, just don’t drive to Georgetown today or tomorrow. And if you have to take a bus that would normally go through Georgetown, like the 30 series, consider alternative routes. Even buses like the D Series, which doesn’t travel on the roads that will be closed, will nonetheless be significantly slowed by the spillover traffic.

Query whether this is “worth it” for the city to grant so a privilege to a private company like this! The DC Office of Film claims the economic activity generated is worth the hassle, but GM has his doubts. The vast majority of people working on this shoot don’t live in the District (the production company working in Georgetown is based in Los Angeles. The letter sent to residents also gives an Alexandria, Virginia address, but that’s just to the closed Landmark Mall, where they are also filming.) Frankly GM thinks the primary beneficiaries of the city rolling out the red carpet to hollywood, are the government officials like former Councilmember Vincent Orange, who never missed a chance to hobnob with celebrities.


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