Georgetown Time Machine: Waterfront Not That Long Ago

GM was browsing the fantastic site with lots of old photos of the Georgetown Branch railroad, when he came across a set of not that old photos. They are of the Georgetown Waterfront in July 2005. And it’s really hard to believe it looked so different so recently ago, even for GM who was already living in Georgetown at the time.

What is immediately striking about this “old” photo are the old crew murals. GM had a vague recollection of them, but it’s great to see the preserved in photo. Honestly it’s a bit of a shame they were not maintained in some form with the creation of the waterfront park.

GM also wonders how the murals came about in the first place? How did the various teams and clubs apportion the wall space? Why does Georgetown University get a huge space, but GW so little?

The other striking thing from this photo is, of course, the dozens and dozens of parked cars where the park now sits. It’s a wonderful reminder of how ugly space dedicated to use by cars does not have to stay that way. We eliminated all those parking spots and yet people still come and enjoy Georgetown in droves. Just because a situation is doesn’t mean it ought to be.

Here are a few more shots from the day:



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2 responses to “Georgetown Time Machine: Waterfront Not That Long Ago

  1. When I rowed crew at Georgetown Visitation in the 90’s, we took a boat out in the middle of the night to paint our name on the wall. I don’t recall there being any sort of system for what school got what spot and how much of it. Rules may have changed later on, but it was definitely not “allowed”, which made it even more fun for us. I wish they’d bring back the murals too.

  2. I believe the mural that is defaced — the green-and-white one to the right of the Potomac Boat Club mural — is for Wilson High School crew team. Wilson (alma mater of Warren Buffett!) has had a crew team since 1985.

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