ICYMI: The Fake Shops of Wonder Woman

While GM was taking his July 4th break, the second spate of Wonder Woman filming blew through the neighborhood. And in case you missed it, GM gathered all the fake store fronts the set designers created for the movie.

Above you’ll see a the lovely outdoor restaurant called the Dumbarton Cafe. It was located (very temporarily) at 3214 O St., a vacant space the previously held a pilates studio. They even had a sandwich board with 80’s prices:

More than one neighbor commented that this fake cafe looked so good it ought to become real.

What’s funny is that the exact same property was used in St. Elmo’s Fire, where it hosted a a fake sidewalk antiques market, with another fake sidewalk cafe next door:

Here are some of the other fake stores or signage they created:

They turned Vaporfi into an ice cream shop (another great idea).

Insomnia Cookies became “Northwest Diner”.

The building next to the “Dumbarton Cafe” (which houses O Salon) became the “O St. Bistro”, another fake restaurant.

Wingo’s (which suffered a severe fire days before shooting) was given a retro sign. The English Rose, next door, was given a bunch of flowers for the sidewalk.

Down the block, several stores on Wisconsin got a makeover. The historic Georgetown Theater was transformed into, well, a theater, with posters for Ghostbusters and Footloose (both accurate for the 1984 setting), and a box office:

Of course, the theater itself didn’t really look like this in the 80s. It looked as it did just a few years ago before the renovation, with lots of formstone. It also appeared in St. Elmo’s Fire with that look:

(St. Elmo’s fire was filmed in Georgetown in 1984. So, there could be more Easter Egg winks to that classic film in the final cut of the Wonder Woman film).

GM thought it was especially funny that next door to the theater they recreated one of the old cheap suit shops that dominated this block since the early 80s up until fairly recently:

GM stopped by for a bit of the filming, which went overnight. It was mostly just extras in 80s clothes and 80s cars walking or driving around:



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  1. Claudia Rizzo Trapp

    A friend’s response: “Footloose never played at the Georgetown theater. I came in Fall 1984 and it had been playing–and continued to play–Caligula every day every show until the theater closed in 1986.”

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