Canadian Invasion Continues

GM is sorrey to inform you that the great Canadian invasion has continued.  After Roots took a beachhead on M St., a new threat from the Great White North has arrived.

Specifically, in the old space that house BCBG at Wisconsin and M will soon be home to Aritzia.

GM had frankly never heard of this store before. And if anything would have assumed it was vaguely Italian. But no. It is Canadian. British Canadian to be specific.

Like BCBG, it is a higher end women’s fashion store. That rules out GM on at least two counts. But you might like it.

It’s somewhat of a shame that this space is remaining a fashion store. It’s an old fire station and has hosted everything from a museum to a McDonalds. It would make for a dramatic (non-fast food) restaurant space (although probably a bit noisy). Oh well.


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2 responses to “Canadian Invasion Continues

  1. jad6504

    Not just a fire station – before that it was the Bank of Columbia:
    “According to a classic tale from this period, when General Jackson wanted to move his Army to New Orleans but there were no federal monies or credit available to pay for the move, James Monroe, then Secretary of State, mounted his horse and rode to Georgetown. There, he called upon the cashier of the Bank of Columbia, William Whann, to whom he pledged ‘his honor and personal fortune’ for the repayment of a loan to cover the expense of moving Jackson’s army.”

  2. jad6504

    That fun story from page 6 of:

    Click to access 64500084.pdf

    Here’s an old HABS pic of the building:

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