Man, Obama is Really Going to Make Martin’s Beg Isn’t He?

Martin’s Tavern, one of the first taverns in DC to reopen after prohibition, oozes history. It is where (recently verified!) JFK proposed to Jackie. And as any visitor know, various booths around the restaurant are noted as “favorites” of bygone DC bigwigs. And another point of pride for the restaurant is that every president since Truman has visited.

Well, that’s not quite right. Every president from Truman to George W. Bush has visited the tavern (either during or after their presidencies). The current occupant has not visited (and this might be one of the many instances that we all willingly grant a mulligan). But Barack Obama hasn’t visited either.

This gap was highlighted yesterday when the former president (and his former vice-president, Joe Biden) stopped by Dog Tag Bakery for lunch. When he was president, Obama visited Thomas Sweet’s (as well as a smattering of fancy restaurants). But still no Martin’s.

He’s still got plenty of years ahead of him. So maybe Martin’s is going to have to bide its time. But once Sasha graduates Sidwell next year, the Obamas will probably head back to Chicago or Hawaii or wherever. They sure aren’t going to stick around here, that’s for sure. And once they skip town, the chance of getting him through Martin’s doors will plummet.

So what do they have to do, Mr. President, beg?

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