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GM received a brief comment the other day on an article from almost seven years ago. He wants to highlight it because it’s the type of comment that GM loves getting. In fact the whole comment thread to that old post is worth reading.

Specifically the comment was from a reader affirming that in deed there was a Mr. Henry’s in Georgetown and it had a hip crowd:

Mr. Henry’s was absolutely 1225 Wisc. I had many meals and drinks there. I once met John Waters and Divine there. I ran an escort service called the Stables and many of my “models” would meet there clients there. It was a safe spot to meet.

The rest of the thread is other people reminiscing on the spot. If GM can provide anything, he hopes he provides an opportunity for people to remember old times in a Georgetown from days gone by. And when they share those stories, all the better.

Here’s a clip of Roberta Flack, who famously made her name at Mr. Henry’s (and apparently, got her start at the Georgetown location before moving to the Capitol Hill location):

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