Some Bikeshare News

Some changes coming to Capital Bikeshare that Georgetown riders will want to know.

The first was mentioned by GM yesterday. Starting this week, there will be corral service at 30th and K St. by the Washington Harbour. What this means is that the station will be manned by Capital Bikeshare staff who will take your bike regardless of whether the dock is full. This is done at high volume stations to avoid “dock-blocking” (when you arrive to a full station and can’t dock your bike).

Second, starting today Capital Bikeshare is rolling out brand new electric bikes. These are normal bikeshare bikes but with an electric motor. It works by adding horsepower to your strokes (not simply by twisting a throttle). They are a ton of fun to use, and make biking up hills or in the heat a total breeze. There will be 80 e-bikes, at least to start. And they will cost the exact same that normal bikeshare bikes cost. You will be able to recognize them by their black paint jobs.

Dockless bike provider, Jump, have offered e-bikes since last fall, and they are very popular. In fact, they are the only dockless bike to survive the pilot program. E-bikes have the potential to move even more people to bikes, so it’s exciting to see Capital Bikeshare get in on it.

Finally, there will be a new bikeshare station on Reservoir Rd. just north of GU. This has been long desired by the community, so it’s great to see DDOT commit to it. No date has been announced yet for the installation but hopefully it will be within the next couple months.

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