Georgetown Time Machine: Straight Up

This week on Georgetown Time Machine, GM returns to DDOT’s fantastic archive for another aerial shot. This one, taken sometime between 1963 and 1965, shows a fairly clear shot of the entire neighborhood. It enables us to zoom in on some interesting details.

For instance, you can see the large plot of empty land that Georgetown Visitation would eventually sell to become the Cloisters:

You can, of course, also see how almost the entire Georgetown waterfront was a parking lot:

(Of course, even GM can remember it looking like that)

Here’s GU before they totally messed up its campus:

They could’ve continued building a nice walkable city campus at this point, but largely failed. They are, to be fair, now finally making some strides towards fixing their mistakes.

You can also probably make out your own house, if it was around back then. It would be even cooler if you could click on to this map and see the street view, like on Google Maps. But sadly, a genuine time machine would be necessary for that.


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2 responses to “Georgetown Time Machine: Straight Up

  1. Neale, Thomas

    Dear Topher,

    The aerial shot was taken after 1979. The evidence: I see evidence of GU’s Yates Center, built under the football field and complet4ed that year. Also, the L:auinger Library, completed in 1970, and other dorm buildings built in the 70s. As an alumnus, I agree, GU ruined their campus.

  2. jad6504

    About 1980. The first houses in the Cloisters were completed in 1981. Built by Donohoe Construction.

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