Here’s Your Chance Chefs (But Probably Not)

If you’re a chef and want to finally know the secret behind Washington Post’s food critic Tom Sietsema’s, um, face. Then you need to come to the next Q and A Cafe on FRiday October 12th at 12:00 pm.

Sietsema is a critic the zealously keeps his face out of the media. This is so he can eat at restaurants without the staff knowing that he is there to judge them (and thus get a fair read). A younger generation of restaurant critics don’t follow this rule, but Sietsema still sticks to it.

But will he reveal his face at the Q & A Cafe on the hopes that no chefs or restauranteurs are there? Only one way to find out! (But, yeah, he’ll probably wear a mask or something, which will also be entertaining in its own right.)

Here’s how you get reservations:

For reservations please contact Joe Pikovsy at the GTC. 202-333-9330. Or send him an email. The GTC is located at 1530 Wisconsin Avenue NW. There is parking on the street and at an adjacent lot. Membership is not required. ALL ARE WELCOME!

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