Bring Back the Cobbles!

Earlier this week, the city stripped the asphalt off of Grace St. in preparation of a repaving. In doing so, it revealed that underneath the asphalt, historic pavers still exist. This is actually common around Georgetown, and GM thinks streets like Grace should scotch the asphalt entirely and restore the pavers.

GM has long argued that we should restore these cobbled streets. (GM will be pedantic for sec: these are not really cobblestones, but rather Belgian blocks or pavers. Cobbles are rounded river rocks with varying shapes and sizes. If they’re basically brick shaped, they’re not cobblestones.) For one thing, Georgetown has a reputation for its cobbled streets even though there are only very few streets with exposed pavers. We should live up to our reputation!

Grace Street is a quiet street that does not have, nor want, much car traffic. Exposing the pavers will slow down what traffic it does have. And in the process it will significantly beautify this happening street.

The objections to restoring the stone typically involve complaints about emergency vehicle or snow plowing. But O and P streets demonstrate that having a well kept street of stone is no obstacle to either of those critical needs.

Sadly by Thursday morning, the city paved over the historic stones. At least we know they’re there, and can be restored if the city can be convinced.


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2 responses to “Bring Back the Cobbles!

  1. Jeff Cochrane

    Agreed! Though pavers are tough on bikes, and probably murder on scooters.

  2. kerlin4321

    I’m curious if the OGB or the ANC have any say in the choice of paving, which is something that can be intrinsic to a historic neighborhood. Clearly it was a major factor in the fate of O & P Streets.

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