The Stores of Georgetown 2018 – First Look

GM’s been a bit lazy this year and only just got around to performing his annual(ish) census of all the stores, restaurants, and other establishments of Georgetown. The last snapshot he took was in July 2017, so this most recent survey will cover about 15 months of changes. But last year’s snapshot was taken after 14 months, so this is most par for the course.

Today GM is going to just give a quick first look at the numbers. Drumroll please!

  • Closings: 46
  • Openings: 45
  • Moves within Georgetown: 2

This compares with the 2017 numbers of 36 closings, 30 openings, and 6 moves. So there has definitely been a lot more activity this last year, but thankfully the openings and closings are about even.

GM will dig deeper into the numbers over the next week or so. Stay tuned!

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