The Stores of Georgetown 2019 – A Sneak Peek

Spurred on by the BID’s event last week, GM finally got around to doing his annual-ish census of the stores of Georgetown. (The last census was last October, so GM was actually more close to annual than his normal practice of letting is slip a few more months.)

While he is still compiling and QC’ing the data, here are a couple top line numbers:

  • There are 507 stores, restaurants, etc. in Georgetown
  • 35 shops opened
  • 37 shops closed
  • 8 shops moved within Georgetown

Those are relatively normal numbers for Georgetown over the recent years. Although the number of shops moving was unusually high. That is likely a result of the various shufflings we saw along Wisconsin, like Major taking over the old Appalachian Spring building and Tugooh Toys taking over the old Major space.

Stay tuned for a deeper dive into the numbers!

Oh an if you’re curious, it apparently took about 5 miles of walking for GM to check all the stores:

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