Know Your Trees: Yellowwood

Having already covered probably about 90% of the tree species you’ll see around Georgetown, GM is really having to dig deep now for Know Your Trees. So today’s species is the yellowwood (also known as the American or Kentucky yellowwood).

The yellowwood is a medium to large deciduous and flowering shade tree. The leaves are a bit like hickory leaves in that they are single lobed leaves coming of a common branch:

Picture from Casey Trees

The tree flowers in the spring with small white flowers:

Picture care of Univ. of Kentucky

They are slow growers though. It may take anywhere from 40 to 100 years for them to reach full maturity.

If you’d like to check this species out, there are just four around Georgetown:

  • On Reservoir, just next to Book Hill
  • On R in front of the library
  • Southside of P, halfway between 27th and 28th
  • Southside of O, just east of 28th

The tree seems to be able to survive in DC, but it is not within its normal range:


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