What to Stock a Corner Market With?

Over the weekend, the forthcoming Dent Place Market posted an Instagram story showing the new custom shelving they installed along with a question: What should they fill them with?

GM would link to the story, but it’s the nature of stories that they disappear fairly quickly. So there’s no way to weigh in via Instagram. But list your desires below and GM will make sure the market gets the suggestions!

GM wasn’t sure right away what he’d like to see. The market is already promising gourmet bagels, beer, and coffee, and that satisfies a very large percentage of GM’s basic needs. But what else could they offer?

GM used to live close to Sara’s Market, and stopped by there almost nightly. Mostly this was to get staples in between larger bi-weekly Safeway trips. So that would include milk, OJ, cereal, and other basics. It would be great if Dent Place could provide this too.

What else would you like to see? Produce? Flowers? Desserts?

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