Porch Pirate Poached

Yesterday, MPD arrested Gisleide Olivera for second degree theft in connection with packages stolen from the 1400 block of 33rd St.

The arrest was assisted by home security cameras. If you’re interested in purchasing one for your house, the city has a program that gives you incentives to do just that. They’ll rebate you up to $200 per camera and $500 per household. That’s a really good deal actually!

GM has some cameras on his house, and they’ve “caught” at least five times when someone stole something from his porch. It’s hard, though, to make the jump from “here’s a tape of someone stealing something” to “somebody gets arrested”. But sometimes it’s good enough just to know what happened. (GM gets all valuable packages sent to secure locations, like the UPS store or the Amazon locker at the Safeway).

One porch pirate has been taken off the streets. Hopefully this will dissuade others, although it seems that stolen packages are simply a constant condition of a neighborhood like ours.

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