More Bikeshare Stations on the Way

Two new Capital Bikeshare stations are on the way to Georgetown. This was confirmed at the ANC meeting Monday night. While it is unclear how soon they will be install, locations are set.

The first is in the eastern edge of Rose Park. Specifically the southeastern corner of P St. and Rock Creek Parkway:

The cooperation of the National Park Service is still needed before the station will be installed, but it is not expected to be an insurmountable barrier.

This will go someways towards filling in the big station gap that exists in east Georgetown:

Although even with its installation, residents of the upper part of east Georgetown will still face a long walk between their home and the station. Still, it’s progress nonetheless.

The other station will technically be in Burleith, at the corner of 38th and Reservoir. Originally it was going to go on the sidewalk along the west side of Duke Ellington School on 37th St., but there wasn’t enough space. The new location is just a block to the west.

This station will be useful to Burleith residents, GU students and visitors to GU hospital. (GM definitely could see a lot of GU students using it to get to the Safeway.)

Once installed, the total stations in (or just outside of) Georgetown will come to eleven. What a big change from when we started with just four spread out across the neighborhood.

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